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    Mother Theresa Degree College Campus

    Welcomes You!

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Welcomes You !!!

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Mother Theresa Degree College is located in lush green environment, the College has witnessed a steady growth from 60 to more than 1000 students and is proud of its diverse student body , faculty and staff.Mother Theresa Degree College was established during the academic year 2001-2002. This has been affiliated to Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh

Mother Theresa Degree College is uncompromisingly dedicated to providing high-quality, career oriented education in the field of Computer Sciences,Chemical Sciences, Biological sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Commerce. Since its inception, the Chairman, Sri. M. Ravindra Babu , has been the guiding force, which propelled the College into a 21st century learning model. Under his dynamic leadership, the reputation of MTDC in excellence and innovation has attracted regional and national attention.

Mother Theresa Degree College is a proof that novel models of higher education can successfully meet the needs of students who are not adequately served by traditional learning formats. The College endeavours to develop the skills, knowledge and personal qualities of students which are prerequisites for success in life. This spirit of imagination and achievement makes Mother Theresa Degree College an ideal place for learning. It is well connected by road. It is 130Kms away from Bangalore (Silicon) city, and 45Kms from Chittoor, on Chittoor Bangalore National highway. The climate is very similar to that of Bangalore. Nearest airports are Bangalore and Chennai.


Today the college has an enrolment of over 1000 students.It has an excellent faculty and a helpful support staff.

The learning process includes lecturers,power point presentations,and conferences to acclimatize the students and create good academic environment to grow.

The college has spacious, impressive and well ventilated classrooms,labs and informative library.Full power backup has been provided in the college to ensure that all the activities are carried out with out interruption.

The job placement of our college has been running successfully for the past years.A good number of students from various streams have successfully placed with in the M.N.Cs.

It Follows a strict attendance policy with the framework and rules of S.V.U

The Second floor has been constructed to meet the needs of students.The Management has regularly added new facilities to provide comfortable environment for the faculty and students.

The N.S.S Unit of our college is active through out the year upholding it's spirit of service.

The Canteen offers snacks,beverages,and food at affordable price


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

- Mother Teresa -

From Chairman's Desk

Sri M.R Sunil , Chairman

It is a social obligation to make society happy, content, flourish and should be achieved through higher education, the knowledge hub to be made available and use by students. This institute has not been established just to prepare students for earning degrees alone.Its main purpose Is to help the students to cultivate self discipline, self knowledge and self confidence. We are committed for the success of the student and holistic education for...

overall personality development of the student. The primary objective of our institution is to provide career oriented high quality education to the rural poor. Our institute strives to provide knowledge skills and techniques beyond the scope of academic programmes, so that our students are fully armed to compete effectively at national level seminars. To build a safe and prosperous nation, we need to make professional education accessible and affordable to the weaker sections of the society. It is great pleasure to look at the alumni of the college. The alumni hold enviable positions country wide in research, technical and academic areas. We look forward to welcome you.

From Correspondent's Desk

Sri M. Ravindra Babu,Correspondent

The pursuit of money as an end in itself is making people greedy and excessively commercial minded. Our aim is to provide professionals who should be pure in thought, word and deed, with integrity and character, our ambition to promote higher education in rural areas made us to establish this institution at Palamaner, not connected by railways and major national high ways.The ambient atmosphere outside ...

and inside the class rooms encourage our students to explore academic disciplines, to determine their own interests and talents to face intellectual challenges which come their way in life. The students are exposed to industry based interaction which enables them to gain in depth application oriented knowledge for innovations. We inculcate commitment, dedication and ethics in the students, to enable them to face emerging challenges. Our faculty is well experienced in handling seminars, conventions, debates and campus placements to the students. We provide the best possible facilities like internet accessibility, power point presentations, fully equipped computer lab, library, LCD room, seminar hall etc., to the students. The parents and students are often thrilled by the absolute calmness prevailing in the campus during working hours. A wide variety of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are conducted to impart among students a sense of discipline, co operation, coordination and pleasure of freedom.

From Academic Advisor's Desk

Dr R. Rajendra Reddy , Academic Advisor

This institute ensures proper training in computer applications and to incorporate the system of human values so as to produce software professionals committed to the creation of a happier society with ethical outlook.Academic advisor complements the guidance students receive from their mentors, collaborates the relationship between the management and the student, ...

induces academic goals, advises, guides and supports the students in various activities. Our college stands for imparting quality education and that is the reason why our students have been performing exceedingly well both academically and culturally. Our aim is to enable the students to have an integrated personality that would assist them to pursue a career of their choice. This institution provides a rich and fabulous experience for the students to interact with the society. We try to equip the students with sufficient information and training in entrepreneurship and communication skills through various means and curricular activities. Our alumni have been placed at highest positions in may MNCs. We are committed to creating an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students.

From Principal's Desk

Sri S.Madhusudhan Rao, Principal

Education is the backbone of every nation and is the stepping stone for a country to move into the niche of a developed nation. Holy Cross Educational Society has been contributing in the mission of transforming rural India into developed nation by running Mother Theresa Degree College with innovation, creativity, human intelligence and patience."Service to Human being is Service to God"......

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the creative world of MTDC which has very eco-friendly campus and is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure. We have well equipped labs, and libraries to help students in attaining highest standards in academics, research and professional skills. The campus has adequate sports infrastructure to take care of Sports and recreational activities.

Creating better human being's is our motto and we can do that when we are able to mould our students to be good human beings with values which are embedded for life. We aim to provide an overall development that nurtures them towards becoming strong and focused human beings. Soft skills and educational skills is what the institution seeks to provide every student at the campus itself through it.

The main focus of the Institution is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both at the academic level of Education and in the highly competitive global industrial market.

We wish the best for all our students, and the members of the institution who reiterate their aims at providing the best in academic and extra-curricular fields. We must believe that success is inevitable where these exist- Foresightedness, Firm Determination, Hard work and Discipline. You are assured that you will be proud of yourself as a confident and successful life after Three years at MTDC

Once again, we wish all our students and faculty a successful and rewarding career.

The real test of any Engineering college is the quality of placements it provides to its students and their remarkable performance with wide applause MTIET ensures that the talent of its students is appreciated and rewarded. I wish and invite the interested aspirants to be a part of the system.


Mother Theresa Degree college was established in the year 2001 with an intention of offering qualitative Education to students of ,Palamaner and surrounding villages. At the establishment of this college there was a major strength of 34 students offering only BSc(MECS), BSc(MSCS) and BCOM(CA ) respectively.

As far as the strength of the college is concerned , there has been rapid growth since its inception .Securing university ranks at the S.V.University Examinations has become common since establishment of college. There has been good growth in terms of the strength of the college from year to year.The number of admissions into Degree college was 120 students in the year 2002 . At present the strength of the college is 1060

BSc (Bio-Technology) was also offered in the 2005 academic year .BZC ( TM) and additional 2 sections of BCOM CA are offered at the academic year 2014-15.

We began sending the final year students of our college for off campus selections in the year 2005 . More than 700 students of our college got selected in various recruitment drives conducted by reputed MNC Companies like Wipro, Infosys , Tech Mahindra And etc., till date. 51 Students have got selected in the recruitment drive conducted by wipro and 11 students of BCOM have successfully completed the first two rounds of selections and they are eagerly waiting for final round of selections to be conducted in Chennai shortly.

The college was handed over by the new management i.e Mother Theresa group of institutions in the year 2007 .Sri S.Madhusudhan Rao garu has been the principal of the college since the change of the management. He has been Dynamic , Committed and hard working. Under the able guidance of principal , the college has been achieving overall development academically and non-academically .



The MTIET programme is designed to facilitate the confluence of knowledge, aptitude and execution skills.Our up-to-date curriculum and innovative teaching strategies are fine designed to ever. Changing demands of the corporate sector and employment market at large.Our students will be empowered to cope with real world requirements through structured interactions with corporate organizations mentoring project work and input from leading professionals.We emphasize on all-round development of our students. A unique healthy program with attitude training moral values and cultural interactions are incorporated into the learning process at MTIET.


" To impart a quality education to the rural and back ward learners "

" To help students develop all round development "

" To inculcate human values. "

" To instill the spirit nationalism and secularism among the students "

" To equip the students with soft and hard skills and make them meet the global needs. "

Our mission is to promote and impart education with a cutting edge to compete with the best in the world through innovation, erudition, conviction and inquisition using contemporary and futuristic technological methods.


Photo Name Course
E.Bhavya Sree M.S.Cs
T.Divya M.S.Cs
G.Latha Maheswari M.P.Cs

Photo Name Degree
M.Arshiya Afreen Bio-Tech
N.Kanaka Durga B.Com(CA)
K.R.Gayathri B.Com(CA)
K.Priyanka Bio-Tech

  • MTDC Achieves university ranks in every year in every stream.
  • MTDC Achieves Prathiba awards during the year 2014-15 for the academic excellence.
  • Every year almost 50 to 60 students are selected in the campus placement.
  • Our students are working in various MNCs.
  • It is proud to say we are having the infrastructure which is not available with any of the other colleges.
  • Every year Wipro company conducts on campus placements in our college premises.
  • We achive the best place among the Degree colleges under Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati.
  • Every year Red Cross Conducts Blood Donation Camp at our college under N.S.S Unit.

S.V University Degree Examination Toppers during the academic year 2014-17. Mother Theresa Degree College students got university ranks during the academic year 2014-17.
Photo Name Course
E Bhavyasree MSCs 96.5%
Anusha Sunandha MECs 96%
G lathamaheswari MPCs 95%
Shahanaz MSCs 94.6%
T Divya MSCs 94.6%
T Tejasree MPCs 94%
K Neethu MECs 90%
S R Vani Priya B.Com 92.1%
Mounisha Gupta B.Com 90%
N Madhu B.Com 88%
Amulya Bio-Tech 86.2%
R Pooja Bio-Tech 82.8%

S.V University Degree Examination Toppers during the academic year 2013-16. Mother Theresa Degree College students got university ranks during the academic year 2013-16.
Photo Name Degree
A.Mounika B.Sc 93.1%
S.Ramya B.Sc 92.3%
S.Sabiha Banu B.Sc 91.1%
S.Shiva Kumar B.Sc 90.7%
M.Gnanendra Reddy B.Sc 90.5%
B.Likitha B.Com 93.1%
B.Lavanya B.Com 89.3%
T.G Madhavi B.Com 88.8%
T.Navyasree B.Com 87.6%
Chandini Kumari.R Bio-Tech 88.7%
R.Charitha Bio-Tech 88.3%
Photo Name Degree Percentage
K. Latha B.Sc B.Sc 94%
F. Arbin taj B.Sc 93.4%
T R Nethra B.Sc 91.3%
S Venkatesh B.Com 91.3%
K jagadeswar Reddy B.Com 90.5%
M Hemanth Reddy B.Com 89.5%
Karthik Reddy B.Com 86.8%
O.Priyadarshini Bio-Tech 88.2%
G Roja Bio-Tech 86.7%

Photo Name Course Percentage
K.R Gayathri B.Com(CA) 92%
N.Kanaka Durga B.Com(CA) 92%
M.Arshiya Afreen Bio-Tech 92%
M.D.Sameena M.E.Cs 92%
Mohammed Sheefa M.P.Cs 91%
P.Soumya MS.Cs 93%
Photo Name Course
Kranthi Kumar B.Com(CA) 88%
D.Jaya Sree Bio-Tech 90%
K.R.Bhavani M.E.Cs 83%
S.Geetha Sri M.P.Cs 83%
K.V.Mahesh Babu M.S.Cs 94%

Photo Name Course Percentage
M.Shaguftha Shireen M.S.Cs 91%
S.Vijaya Bai M.E.Cs 88%
K.J Sudheera Spruthi Bio-Tech 82%
M.D.Aisha M.P.Cs 93%
V.Jyothi B.Com(CA) 83%


Contact Us

Mother Theresa Degree College
Melumoi Post, Palamaner -517408.
Chittoor [Dist]. A.P.
  Phone : 08579 - 268585
  Cell : +91 9494624634
  E-mail : mtidegree@gmail.com